You will discover developing and working with GENIACS a excellent experience; a single kit user wrote us: "this kit has opened up a new world of pondering to me." You really see how computing, challenge solving, and game play (Tic-tac-toe, nim, and so on.) can be analyzed with Boolean Algebra along with the algebraic solutions transformed directly into circuit diagrams. You create from over 400 specially created and manufactured elements a machine that solves challenges more rapidly than you can express them.

Schools and colleges, teachers of science or math, engineering, philosophy or psychology will uncover these outstanding demonstrators of circuitry, solutions in symbolic logic, theory of numbers, cybernetics, and automation.

Note: Teachers benefit from our 10% discount to educational institutions and for group purchases.

Send for your GENIAC? kit now. Only $19.95 with over 4 hundred elements and components, completely illustrated manual and wiring diagrams. We guarantee that in case you do not want to retain GENIAC after two weeks you could return it for full refund.

SCIENCE KITS Dept. SD38. Oliver Garfield Co., Inc. hublot swiss replica watches
126 Lexington Avenue, New York 16, N. Y.

Please send me:

1 GENIAC Electric Brain Building Kit and Manual.
$19.95 (East of Mississippi).
$20.95 (Elsewhere in Usa).. cartier copy .....
$21.95 (Outdoors the Usa).

Returnable in 14 days for full refund if not satisfied. I enclose $..........in full payment.
My name and address are attached.

Are you able to consider more rapidly than this Machine? (Mar, 1958)

Can you assume quicker than this Machine

Be cautious ahead of you answer. GENIAC? the first electrical brain construction kit is equipped to play tic-tac-toe, cipher and encipher codes, convert from binary to decimal, purpose in syllogisms, too as add, subtract, multiply and divide. Certain complications inside a range of fields-actuarial, policy claim settlement, physics, etc. hublot best replica , is usually setup and solved using the components. Connections are solderless and are totally explained with templates inside the manual. This covers 33 circuits and shows how new ones is often created.

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