"Skip the sales speak!" snorted Elmer. "I drink buttermilk for two motives. A single, since it tastes good. And two, since it cools me off."

"Then drink away and cool off," coaxed Elsie as she handed him a glassful of Borden's tangy, cartier watch replicas refreshing buttermilk.

"DOWN THE HATCH!" thundered Elmer. "That's a he-man drink," he stated, smacking his lips. "I'll have another-fill 'er up!"

"I'm sorry, Elmer, there is not any extra," explained Elsie. "I've place the rest on the Borden's Buttermilk inside the spice cake."

"WHO EVER HEARD OF Placing BUTTERMILK Inside a CAKE" guffawed Elmer.

"Why each and every superior cook knows that Borden's Buttermilk is grand for making cakes," enthused Elsie. "And Elmer, I use it in waffles, biscuits and muffins, also. It tends to make them lighter and greater tasting."

"Say," mentioned Elmer thoughtfully, "if I am drinking and eating buttermilk, too-I might reside to 106!"

"Well swiss replica cartier , now, darling, let's not overdo this," smiled Elsie. "Let's end this the way we normally do by saying . . .

"If it really is Borden's, it's got to be very good!"

Your family's daily wellness drink- Borden's Refreshing Buttermilk ALL-ABOARD! ALL-A-BORDEN'S!

Get Borden's Buttermilk on Elsie's Very good Meals Line!* * Borden foods should be good-folks get much more packages of food carrying the Borden brand name than any other in the world.

"But Elmer, I did not say it would make you live to 90!" mentioned Elsie, the Borden Cow. replica watch cartier (Jun, 1954)

"But Elmer, I did not say it would make you reside to 90!" said Elsie, the Borden Cow.

"I don't want something to help ME reside to 90," bellowed Elmer the bull. "I HAVE DECIDED THAT I'm GOING TO Live TO 105 With no ANY Assist!"

"Well, if you're planning to live that extended," laughed Elsie, "there's additional cause than ever for you to drink Borden's Buttermilk each day."

"Oho," roared Elmer, "now Borden's Buttermilk is going to produce me live longer."

"No, dear," smiled Elsie, "But Borden's Buttermilk will help you keep fit. It's not fattening. And this very good healthful drink has each of the proteins and minerals of milk plus that added a thing that tones up your digestive technique."

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